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Elayne Chou, Ph.D.

About Me

In fifteen years of professional experience, I have successfully coached and counseled hundreds of individuals on personal and professional growth issues.  My educational background is in counseling psychology, with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, and a master’s and Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. 


I have worked in many diverse settings.  These include university counseling centers, most recently at UC-Berkeley, and as a program director at a community mental health center.  Through my affiliation with Leadership Alliance, Inc., ( I also work with managers, directors, and C-level executives at organizations large and small around the world, providing talent management solutions that include pre-hiring assessment, team building, communications training, and executive coaching.  I serve on the Advisory Board for PACT, an adoption education and placement organization in Oakland, California, as well as on the Leadership Team of AMP, Adoption Museum Project. 

In the News:

Some testimonials from former clients:


“I have had a difficult time finding a therapist over the years; rarely going back after the first session.  I was immensely fortunate to be referred to Dr. Chou.  She was, without a doubt, a consummate expert on mental health who was very respectful and very patient.  Dr. Chou has an engaging personal manner.  She is able to convey empathetic compassion, use humor appropriately, listen with patience, and create a safe space.  Her professional acumen and experience are readily apparent during our therapy sessions.  I never felt that I was simply a factor in a pre-written formula.  I have been so blessed by her wisdom and kindness.  I am confident that her work has already enriched my life and, as a consequence, her work in turn will benefit those I seek to serve.”


"Elayne has proven to be an essential partner throughout my career transition journey.  She offers a unique mix of clinical skills, which served to draw out my vision for my life, career aspirations and personal insights, as well as very useful, concrete tools for identifying strengths and preferences, conducting a successful job search, and interviewing.  I highly recommend Elayne to anyone undertaking career exploration and/or a career transition."


“I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with my career, and was feeling generally lost.  Meeting with Elayne helped me to think more about what I wanted in life and my career, and to feel more comfortable pushing myself to try new things.  Thank you, Elayne, for everything, and I know I will be using all the tools I learned from you in the future!”



“I cannot recommend Dr. Chou enough as a career counselor/coach.  She provided insight and knowledge that I could not get from my parents, friends, co-workers, or anyone else I know.  Dr. Chou came to our sessions well-equipped with knowledge, insight, and a wide variety of tools.  Dr. Chou also helped me to see my career holistically.  I was able to think of my career as not just my job, but as a vision for my entire life:  work, leisure, relationships, and health.  My career exploration ultimately was an opportunity to take control of my life and shape it into something that would satisfy and reward me.  Thanks to my work with Dr. Chou, I felt well-equipped with knowledge, strategies, and options.“



“Dr. Elayne Chou is a person who changed my life.  I think of my work with her as my “life education” – the types of skills I didn’t learn in school but were absolutely necessary for me to lead a happy life.  I learned how to build and maintain healthy communication patterns with family, navigate interpersonal and organizational challenges at work, explore career options in the context of my own personality, values, and interests, and take better care of myself.  Through my work with her I was able to change my career path to something I really enjoy, become more compassionate to myself, come to peace with communication with my father and mother, and find the love of my life.”



“Elayne was an incredible support for me and gave me guidance and fresh perspective.  It was her support, care, and consistency which helped me find the courage to take the risks to make big life changes – which have lead to a satisfying career and romantic relationship.  She helped me to see life as an adventure, not a gauntlet.  I feel alive, excited, and confident that I will be able to handle what life throws at me from here on out.  I highly recommend Elayne as a therapist.  She has the gift to empower and inspire, and I hope you consider working with her.”



“I am really happy with my life now and the skills I acquired through working with Dr. Chou were invaluable in getting me there.  Dr. Chou is perceptive, knowledgeable, and articulate.  She reframed my problems and identified my core issues, whether they were internal or external.  I often left our sessions feeling like I had experienced a “paradigm shift”.  All the supplemental readings she recommended are resources I continue to refer to today.”




Empowering clients to create fulfilling and thriving lives and careers